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Why do you need this musical instrument? To what purpose? Who will benefit?

Improve your mood, raise your vitality, improve your overall health with the vibrations
Use it at any event, theme parties, festivals, competitions. A “WOW’ effect s guaranteed.
Better relaxation and meditation at home. Eliminate discomfort from unpleasant situations.
Modern scientist who are dealing with the science named Cymatics have proven that the vibrations of the ringing chimes raise the vibrations of the surroundings and the planet in general. We believe that every drum is a small contribution to the global vibration of the Earth.
You will attract attention in any group of people or in a public place.
You can give vibration-massage for adults and children.

Who we're selling to

Sound is a concentrated energy. We react to sounds with our entire being. We react to sounds with all our beings. The sound is interpreted and assimilated by our body on a cellular level. It is perceived by the nervous system and emits energy that causes a specific response throughout the body. Uplifting, relaxing, exciting. The reaction is genetically inborn in us, since the time people became conscious. As we know people always played different drums and instruments, and to do it when they wanted to heat up or receive magical help from above (after selling 1.5 tons of instruments, our drum allows you to do both, according to customers). And we think Tibetan bowls and bells, which were used for thousands of years, confirm the correctness of such sounds. This sound falls into the category of those that will always feel satisfying, such as the sound of the crackling fire, the sounds of water and rain, ringing bells, singing Tibetan bowls, the laughter of children, and so on. Thanks to Spolum Drum you will feel a kind of incredible energy that comes with this small instrument.
You will feel its sound in every cell of your body.

Ethnic, folk groups, musicians, street musicians, music teachers. We provide you with an excellent opportunity to expand your skills and talents with a unique instrument – Spolum Drum! The incredible sound will add to your music a special taste of ethnic melodies and high vibrations of Tibet. Very concise in size, you can easily transfer and arrange concerts where your heart desires. And if you use drums with other instruments, you will get an unforgettable Symphony. The drum is tuned so that it is easy to play, even with just a minimum of musical education. The instrument is very durable and it’s virtually impossible to damage it. Spolum Drum sings, expressing the sound of a spontaneous soul dance, deep feelings, and experiences of the musician.
If you buy our tool and play it, or use it in any of your performances, send us a video for our YouTube channel. The person with the best video will get the next instrument for free!

Develops children’s: memory, attention, sense of rhythm, logic, hearing, sense of harmony. It also removes aggressive behaviours. These qualities were identified by a professional educator with 25 years of practice. Watch the video.

Even in the last century, it was determined that if a person is surrounded by beautiful sounds from their childhood, they are able to feel more, react faster, and understand others more easily. They develop deep imagination, they are capable of creative thinking. The sound and health of the child are closely related. When Spolum Drum sounds, children positively react to the sound and agree to work together easily. The frequency of the sound waves causes pleasant vibrations in a human’s body. They are felt in the head, chest, and tissues of the body, then positively influencing the heart rhythm, brain neurons, respiratory rate. We highly recommend the young mothers who care about the spiritual and emotional development of their child from an early age and want to introduce the child to the music to work with the Spolum Drum instrument. This tool will show you how sensitive and sensual small children can be.

Nursing homes, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, rehabilitation centers, development centers, business firms where creativity is needed, rest rooms, etc. From our and the world’s practice it’s already known that thanks to the sound of such an instrument, everyone will feel something different, like a breath of fresh air as if finally you got what you’ve been waiting for. This evokes a feeling of pleasure, a subconscious understanding, that we have finally found something that we really like. Subconsciously, we determine what’s right for us and what’s not extremely accurately, we all have strong tastes and feelings when we hear music. Using Spolum Drum, you will have the ability to slow down time with quiet music, almost to fly as fast as possible, and relax tension within the body. (Activation of the feeling of internal time increases the elasticity of cell membranes and all membranes of the body; the calmer our mind, the younger our body. We all know that people who meditate look younger. This is the paradox described even in ancient writings). In practice, we notice that even those people who are in depression or apathy instantly feel relaxed and calm when playing Spolum Drum.

Your client is the most important person on whom the success of your enterprise depends, therefore you should take care of your clients more than competitors. The best way to create and maintain the commitment of your customers is to constantly search for the best Wow ways to attract and maintain relationships. Our musical instrument is guaranteed to surprise and interest everyone. Each visitor will talk about your center to other potential customers, which will be interested in playing an unusual instrument, and you will have the opportunity to impress new customers with your service quality. Playing the instrument will create a pleasant background and aura in your resting place. Listen to how the musical instruments sound, this can be how your place sounds like.

Art therapists, musictherapists, educators, school psychologists, occupational therapists, geronto psychologists. Playing the instrument, the patient learns to monitor their own rhythm to catch their pitches that make them calm, and quickly, on a subconscious level, sends those sounds to heal.
Dear experts, we are open to join our research about the influence of this amazing Spolum Drum on people with yours.

It’s the perfect instrument for sound therapy, immersion in meditation, spiritual practices, yoga, or spontaneous dancing. Many people note the special penetration of the Spolum Drum sounds, and it is not surprising, because the progenitors of this wonderful instrument are Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, which have been used by the masters of the East since ancient times. By the way – Spolum Drum, as it turned out, is a wonderful ally of Tibetan bowls in meditative and healing practices, it is interesting that if a Tibetan bowl is next to our sound instrument, it makes sounds of itself accompanying Spolum drum. Those who meditate under his accompaniment notice even deeper immersion into the state of rest and relaxation.
Yoga classes are held in a completely different atmosphere – lively and filled with charming vibrations.

Sounds are elastic waves propagating in the air and perceived by the human brain. These waves may bring us joy or sadness, depending on the nature of the reproduced sounds. The correct tone can help find the harmony of a person with the environment, find the link that will connect the person with health and joy of life. “The first sound of Spolum Drum is similar to a touch of pure energy … Shimmering and sad. It gently touches the delicate strings of your soul, as if inviting it to some incredibly sacred dance. Then other notes come in, a rhythm is added and you are carried away to the cosmic distances … the Magic music instrument is fully valid only when you play it personally. An amazing instrument – the instrument of meditation!

Arab doctor Avicenna used music to treat nervous and mental diseases a thousand years ago. Pythagoras urged to use of music in the educational process.
The whole universe is in a state of vibration, and each object generates its own oscillation frequency.

Spolum Drum music can communicate with the human body in the language of such vibrations. It can adjust, align, harmonize. The body of each of us, every cell, every organ, every bone and tissue has a “healthy” resonant frequency. In the sick organ on the frequency changes relatively to the original, stands out from the general tuneful “chord”. Restoring the natural frequency means healing. It is proved that the sounds of music in the region of 750 – 3000 Hz can stimulate the heart, lungs and feelings, but the very low frequencies of 125 – 750 Hz affect muscles and physical movements.

In the old days when towns were attacked by mass diseases, the chimes did not stop to ring and the disease receded. Modern microbiological studies have confirmed that most bacteria die under the influence of powerful sound resonance!

Many experts note the importance of using sound therapy in correctional work with autistic children.
There are situations when patients do not want contact with other people – But !!! “They communicate” with the Drum for several hours a day and feel relief. We have some videos from our customers who have confirmed this effect! Patients did not say a word for several months, but they did not refuse to play the drum and began to smile, for the first time in many months. It is likely that the sounds of the Instrument are at the same level as the spiritual world. The use of sound for therapeutic purposes is as natural as singing a lullaby to a crying baby. Through the sensation of vibration, appears a deep contact with the body, the anxiety leaves and the feeling that everything will be fine comes.
Spolum Drum also gets along well with people with poor eyesight, or the blind ones, because their hearing is sharpened and they easily improvise and enjoy the play.
Music therapy has been useful for the treatment of headache, memory strengthening, stimulation learning abilities with children with developmental delays.
Everyone knows the expression that most of the diseases are provoked by nerves, the treatment by “sound” has been proven for chronic pain and stress, especially useful for improving the physical functioning of the body and bringing its strong internal energy into balance.
We are confident that the regular use of the Spolum Drum tool can increase energy and trigger the self-healing and rejuvenation mechanism in the human body.
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